Transcript of the imToken AMA on Ampleforth Discord on 21.09.2021

5 min readSep 22, 2021

Thanks for joining the ImToken X AMPL office hours. We’ve got Evan Kuo and I as well as Phillipp and Yaxin from ImToken — I’ll let them introduce themselves!

Hi everybody! I’m imToken’s marketing lead based in Shanghai.

I’m Yaxin, currently global marketing director, I worked for blockchain industry for 3 years now, such as exchanges-Bitmart, wallet-MathWallet and DeFi protocol etc. I do help projects expand to broader international market with series of campaign, content creation and continuous community building strategy.

Question 1:
What is imToken’s mission and product?

So we have been building imToken since 2016, as the first non-custodial wallet app in China. We grew through the years and are now the largest non-custodial wallet app in Asia.

Crypto users usually decide between holding assets on wallets or on exchanges. While exchanges are obviously more centralized, we aim to offer the other side of the trade-off: An intuitive, reliable way to store and use crypto

Question 2:
Who uses ImToken?

Currently we have 65% asian users and majority is Chinese speakers and 35% are from US/Europe/South America/Africa etc. We have strong fan community now across different areas since 201 and recently we saw growing numbers of users in Brazil/Dubai/Argentina etc.

Question 3:
Who are ImTokens biggest partners?

Our partners is a good question. I think wallets are different than DeFi or DApp projects in that we aim ot support everyone and everything: New chains, DeFi dapps, NFT projects and much more..

AMPL is one of them, and just as an example, we had MakerDAO and SushiSwap come to our community for AMAs the last weeks.

Question 4:
How does ImToken integrate with Ampleforth? What can Ampleforth Community bring to imToken?

We integrated and AMPL from the beginning, Geyser v1, then the Ampleforth Governance and Geyser v2. imToken users can find all those dapps as icons in the app as well as in the dapp search and enter into Geyser Dapp. And AMPL can be swapped on the ‘Tokenlon’ token swap feature in imToken and later on we can provide more support to more AMPL tokens.

Question 5:
How did the ImToken / AMPL Geyser integration come about? How does the asian market view AMPL?

First of all it has been about starting of with integration. We had early support to AMPL since our community had made request about it, and it leads to the first question-Asian market review.

AMPL is the well-known rebase protocol in Asia market. There are many articles in Chinese about the excellent disruptive usage of rebase system that AMPL created. Also people are willing to learn more about the Geyser’s new features now.

Question 6:
What can you tell us about the unique (if any) challenges with integrating AMPL’s rebasing property as an asset? One problem I have with my ledger wallet app is that it’s not straightforward to see the AMPL marketcap and my % ownership over time — is this something you guys have taken a look at?

Good question. Rebasing tokens like AMPL are interesting to support. We do get most asset prices via Coingecko API. And for viewing your asset we do support all AMPL Dapps. You can access Geyser directly in imToken. As for AMPL marketcap and your % ownership over time you can’t see it in the wallet itself at the moment. That’s actually a good point. I’ll bring that up with the team.

Question 7:
Did ImToken users request integrating with AMPL and the AMPL Geysers?

Yes there is great number of community request from imToken users pool,they have high interests in rebase system back then.

Question 8:
As an AMPL holder, why should i be excited about imToken, how does it directly benefit me?

I think the benefit imToken brings is awareness in the Chinese-speaking world. The AMPL team got in touch with us really early, when interest in AMPL was getting huge in the English-speaking world. So we started to add AMPL and the Geyser DApp and publish Chinese-speaking content.

Question 9:
Do you track monthly active users active wallets?

Yes, we currently have 1 million monthly active users in total.

Question 10:
Does ImToken support Aave and is it possible to support the upcoming aAMPL (AMPL on AAVE) Geyser?

Yes we do and it’s very possible and in our native DEX Tokenlon you can swap $AMPL.

Question 11:
Can you give an overview of imToken’s native DEX Tokenlon — and is AMPL on tokenlon?

Yes, AMPL is on Tokenlon! You can check it out on
Tokenlon is a DEX aggregator giving you the best prices out of a few DEXs like SushiSwap, Uniswap, Curve and some bigger private market makers.

Question 12:
What would you say is the best feature on imToken in terms of its relevance to AMPL?

Best feature is easy search quick access to AMPL on dapp browser.

Question 13:
Is it a mobile only wallet?

Good questions. So the imToken wallet is mobile first. But we do have our own hardware wallet that’s connecting to your phone via bluetooth and the hardware wallet can also connect to your laptop. In addition the Tokenlon DEX is also available on desktop/laptop.

This is how using Geyser on imToken looks like. We aim to make it intuitive and secure:

Question 14:
Any reason for having FORTH? If we haven’t yet started using, referring, or visioning it why is it brought into the market?

There are community members that use ImToken as their preferred wallet, this is particularly true in China. These folks wanted to claim Forth and have access to Forth so that they could participate and vote as more votes come online.

Question 15:
What’s next for ImToken?

So there’s a lot we are working on. We are now a team of 100 people
Most importantly we focus on all the new layer 2s like Arbitrum, Optimism and zkSync. We do already support all the major ones. And now that more tokens and DApps start to build on top, we are helping our users understand those ecosystems, and we help DApps to start getting users via imToken.

And currently exploring NFT space to add more support for our NFT users as well.

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